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"Our high-tech tools and solutions provide small and medium-sized photography businesses the leverage they need to compete."

- Syed Asif Iqbal, CEO

Snapizzi Customers Speak

We wanted you to hear real Snapizzi customers tell their experience with our service, because it matters.

Debra Heninrich, Zee Photography, New Jersey

Q. How many students do you take pictures of each year?

A. 150,000 a year in New Jersey and New York

Q. What you liked about Snapizzi? What made you sign-up/the benefits to your business.?

A. I can think of three primary reasons:

  • Our biggest concern was protecting the photos of the children and at the same time allowing parents to order with ease. The online ordering systems out there do not offer great security. It is usually by job and that is just not good enough for us. Being a parent protecting our children is our top priority and and the same goes with Zee Photography, Inc.
  • Running a school photography usually is made up of a lot of tedious data entry, this will allow us to give some of that work load over to a system so that we can concentrate on providing our customers with priority customer service and eliminate human error.
  • Other software out there stop at certain points. Either helps with picture day and data software or allows you to send those orders to a lab. This is a complete system... from pre picture day, on picture day and after.

Q. Number of new clients/business you have gained by offering Snapizzi solution?

A. Just discussing this software with prospects made their eyes light up. We have added 5 more large schools and have seen great interest from many others.

Scott Tokar, ScoTTTokar Photography, California

Snapizzi is an Event Photographers' dream come true.

For the past three years we have explored many different solutions for event photography but none of them measure up to the ease of use and customer convenience of Snapizzi.

Snapizzi allows us to use numerous photographers, various camera makes and models (from SLR to point-and-shoot), plus we can use anyone's computer (Mac or PC) to process and upload the images.

Internet privacy concerns are on the top of everyone's mind today. Event photography systems that force customers to sort through galleries of other peoples images can be perceived as a week link in that privacy. When photographing youth and family events parents are cautious about where those photos are going to be seen, and by whom. With Snapizzi we can deliver a secure and private redemption process with a confidential and unique barcode. Our customers can easily find, view, and share their images with the confidence that no one else can see them.

Working with 200 photographers, using many different camera makes and models, we found it difficult to seamlessly integrate an image retrieval system for our customers. Other systems required expensive and proprietary laser barcode scanning equipment or complex syncing of exposure frames to generic serial numbers. But, with Snapizzi it's automatic, it's easy, and anyone on the team can do it!


Scott Tokar

Justin Lam, Three Sixty Photography, British Columbia

We have been in the photography business since 2004 and are always looking to improve our business. Focusing on people photography (weddings, Portraits and Events), we have found ourselves entering the realm of school photography with a boutique twist. I stumbled upon Snapizzi through an online search trying to find a way to improve our work flow with photographing schools and fundraisers.

The team of people at Snapizzi helped us develop their existing platform to become a robust system in which we were to photograph, sort, and handle the sales process of our school photos. They have been accommodating and have been flexible in their development of the system. I believe that they have their client's best interest at heart and I am happy to be able to develop and continue to develop a strong business relationship with Snapizzi.

If you are looking for a way to help maximize your administration time and give you more shooting time, I would recommend you should consider this system. It's okay if you don't though because that means there will be less photographers out there that will be able to do what we do. ;)

Wishing you photography success,

Justin Lam

David Wright, David Wright Photography, Florida

Greeting from David Wright Photography.

I am a Tampa area professional photographer since 1979. I am a dinosaur but have joined and pioneered digital revolution since 1979. We this month will announce we are at 1 million digital photos without not one photo on film. Our specialty is green screen photos with on-site printing. To date our largest event we photographed and produced 3197 4x6 photos in 4 hours. I have used several on-line systems over the years to add extra revenue.

I started following the SnapIzzi website about 7 months ago. Since then I have seen a great innovative company that for a change LISTENS to photographers and have adapted to our needs. Not only is their share of the revenue less than their competition,their system easy to use and the tech support is by far the most attentive then any other companies I have used. The staff at SnapIzzi will help guide you through your workflow and their process. The online live meeting with Snapizzi team is also very informative and useful.

SnapIzzi is truly there to help you succeed with your online sales making them a great partner to have on your side. I am adding their widget into our new website to drive more traffic to our site.


David Wright

JD Cantu, NFrame Photography, Florida

Finding Snapizzi™ was like finding the Holy Grail!

NFrame Photography needed to capture and organize thousands of photos for an exclusive VIP event from multiple photographers, shooting in multiple locations, at multiple points in time during an event.

NFrame Photography applied Snapizzi’s™ 2 dimensional barcodes to the nametags of the event attendees. NFrame Photography automatically created hundreds of online, private galleries for each attendee with only their unique photos from the entire event, ready for sale – maximizing their sell-thru and customer satisfaction as buyers no longer needed to sort through hundreds of pages of photos to try to find their own.


JD Cantu